Time Travel Academy

Time Travel Academy animated learning video series; featuring "Randy" the time traveling teddy bear. Time Travel Academy 5 "The Time Travel Games" book-to-movie project Product Description: Fifteen-year-old Zackary Taylor is a student attending the Time Travel Academy whom is about to graduate with honors from the summer program for kids when an accident involving the time machine sends his girlfriend, three friends and three opposing students to the worst disasters in history. With time running out Zachary sets out to save everyone, to win he must play and beat the "Time Travel Games". (Copyright 2012 All rights reserved) Time Travel Games - Time Travel Academy 3 book-to-movie project Product description: A corporation convinces the government to take part in its time travel mission by utilizing the Time Travel Academy. The mission is to change Mars history by going backwards in time by three billion years and stopping an asteroid from striking Mars; if successful Mars would become like Earth and its resources would be for the taking. The mission objective to terraform Mars is solid; yet no one anticipate Mars developing an advanced civilization of its own in three billion years; a warlike civilization bent on destroying Earth to preserve its own existence in this time paradox. Celeritas Sports: The Time Travel Academy sister company... The website URL: WWW.SHOPCELERITAS.COM

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